When a Man Pulls Away

5 Sep

If you are dating a man, chances are that at some point, he will pull away from the relationship. It has happened to all of us, trust me!  It seems like it is the norm: you start dating a man and the first few months are so blissful. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the calls lessen or stop, he is suddenly too busy to spend time with you.

“What happened?”  you ask yourself. Well the answer is simple, but complex at the same time.

A man can pull away for a multitude of reasons.  These reasons include:

1. He is dating someone else who is now occupying his time.

2. He is having second thoughts about the relationship

3. He has been neglecting his friends, hobbies, and work ever since he met you so he is trying to incorporate this new and blissful relationship into his everyday schedule.

If you are pretty certain that he is not seeing someone else, there are some things you can do to make your man come back around again.

Men respond well to a woman that has her own things going on.  As I have detailed in my ebook, you should have your own life going on so when your man DOES pull away (because there is a 99.5% chance he will at some point) you will be too consumed with your own activities to even notice.

When you get that feeling deep inside that something is not right and your man is pulling away from you, the best thing to do is to NOT react.  That’s right! Mirror his behavior and pull back as well.  If he isn’t calling, don’t bother calling him.  If he isn’t texting, don’t bother texting him.  When he starts to get worried (and he will) that you have something (or maybe SOMEONE) else in your life that is preventing you from contacting him, he will be rushing to the phone to call you.  At that time, you can decide if you will let him sweat by not picking up the phone 😉


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